Author profiles & interviews

David Goodis: To A Pulp
Larry Withers interviewed by Brian Greene

Nick Stone
interviewed by Tony Black

Tony Black
interviewed by Nick Stone

Byker Books
interviewed by Nick Quantrill

Pulp Press's Danny Bowman
interviewed by Allan Guthrie

John McFetridge
interviewed by Mike Knowles

Russel D McLean
interviewed by David Lewis

Adrian McKinty
interviewed by Gerard Brennan

Stona Fitch
interviewed by Megan Abbott

Marc Lecard
interviewed by Brian Murphy

Scott Phillips
interviewed by Jeremy Trylch

Steve Alten
interviewed by Cameron Hughes

Tom Franklin
interviewed by Rob McClure Smith

What Burns Within: Sandra Ruttan
interviewed by Damien Seaman

The Plumber's Union: Tom Piccirilli
interviewed by Allan Guthrie

Ted Lewis
by Brian Greene

Christa Faust
interviewed by Damien Seaman

William Campbell Gault: An Author From The Old School
by David Laurence Wilson

Bruno Fischer: Everyman Crime Fiction Writer
by Ed Lynskey

Mystery Man: Dan J. Marlowe
by Charles Kelly

Charles Ardai
interview by Dave White

Duane Swierczynski
interview by Allan Guthrie

Charlie Williams
interview by Ray Banks

Jason Starr
interview by James R Winter

Richard Marinick
by Charlie Stella

Vicki Hendricks
by Charlie Stella

Rob Kantner
by James R Winter

Books and Beatings
Ken Bruen in conversation with Ray Banks

From Horror To Hollywood
Terrill Lee Lankford interviewed by Allan Guthrie

This Time, It's Personal: Nolan Returns
Max Allan Collins interviewed by Duane Swierczynsk

Charlie Stella
by Allan Guthrie

Steve Gerlach
by Allan Guthrie

In His Own Words: James McKimmey's bio

James McKimmey
Noir Originals Interview Part 1

James McKimmey
Noir Originals Interview Part 2

Jason Starr
Noir Originals Interview

Scott Phillips
by James Lincoln Warren


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