Short Stories



"Hilda's Big Day Out", The Sunday Mail, Jan 2012
and Kindle collection (with three bonus stories)







"Bye Bye Baby"
Shattered (edited by Alison Rae)
Birlinn/Polygon, Oct '09





"The Turnip Farm"
Uncage Me (edited by Jen Jordan)
Bleak House Books, July '09
also read by Allan Guthrie at CrimeWAV (click on 'Direct Link to Episode 31').




Haermund Hardaxe Was Here"
Sex, Thugs, and Rock 'n' Roll (edited by Todd Robinson)
Kensington, May '09

Spinetingler Magazine (edited by Sandra Ruttan)
Summer '08


Best British Mysteries



"The Killer Beside Me"
(originally published in Damn Near Dead)
Best British Mysteries: Vol 5 (edited by Maxim Jakubowski)
Constable Robinson, March '08



A Hell of a Woman

"Call Me, I'm Dying"
A Hell Of A Woman: An Anthology Of Female Noir (edited by Megan Abbott)
Busted Flush Press, Nov '07

featuring original stories by Lynne Barrett, Charlotte Carter, Christa Faust, Alison Gaylin, Sara Gran, Libby Fischer Hellmann, Vicki Hendricks, Naomi Hirahara, Annette Meyers, Donna Moore, Vin Packer, Rebecca Pawel, Cornelia Read, Lisa Respers France, S. J. Rozan, Sandra Scoppettone, Zoƫ Sharp, Sarah Weinman, Ken Bruen, Stona Fitch, Allan Guthrie, Charlie Huston, Eddie Muller, Daniel Woodrell.

"Happy Slapping"
Bullet Magazine  (edited by Keith Jeffrey)
Issue #6


Damn Near Dead


"The Killer Beside Me"
Damn Near Dead, April '06
Busted Flush Press (edited by Duane Swierczynski)




"Dirty Work"
Bullet Magazine (edited by Keith Jeffrey)
Issue #5
Best British Mysteries, September '06
Allison & Busby (edited by Maxim Jakubowsky)

"Love, Rex" (edited by Laura Hird)
Issue #10, July 2005
and reprinted in NEO magazine (edited by John Starkey) Issue #6

"Wild To Possess"
Bullet Magazine (edited by Keith Jeffrey)
Issue #3
(Reprinted in issue #5)

"Eyes Of An Angel"
Be Mine (Cyber-Pulp) (edited by L. Marie Wood)
February 2004

"Bring Me Another Corpse"
Pushcart Award Nominee
Shred Of Evidence (edited by Megan Powell)
November 2003, Vol. 1, No. 4

"Maybe Something Priceless"
Plots With Guns (edited by Anthony Neil Smith)
Nov/Dec 2003

"Dealing With Flaws"
Bullet Magazine (edited by Keith Jeffrey)
Issue #1

"The Bunker"
Grave Possessions (Cyber-Pulp) (edited by Thomas Deja)
August 2003

"Hope For The Dead"
Down These Dark Streets (Cyber-Pulp) (edited by Thomas Deja)
June 2003

"Third Time Lucky"
The Murder Hole (edited by Wendy Brewer)
May 2003

"Little Red Riding Hood"
Noir Originals #1 (edited by Allan Guthrie)
April 2003

"I'm No Killer"
Hardluck Stories (edited by Michael A. Black)
Winter 2003

Other books by Allan Guthrie

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